Monday, April 1, 2013

You have sterile instruments, right?

YES!!  With the recent events here in Oklahoma, I thought it would be good to review our infection control methods here at Toothbrusher’s. We use a concept called Universal Precautions.  In short, it kinda means that we assume (even though we know that it isn't true) that every patient has some sort of infectious disease.  This keeps us on our toes with regard to infection control and sterilization.  Let's get into specifics.  

All of our instruments are sterilized after every patient in a steam chamber that is confirmed working by an outside service every month.  Rooms are disinfected with strong, specific cleaners after every patient. We don’t reuse needles or gloves.  It is typical for me to change gloves several times for one patient.  We wash our hands between patients.  We use every precaution to make sure that no surface, instrument, container, or material is cross contaminated between patients. 

I love our sterile office.  Please, please ask me questions about it if you have any.  If you spot anything that looks unclean or possible risk for contamination I want to hear about it.  Really….we really want to hear about it!  Tell anyone of our staff or me personally.  I promise we will either explain what is happening or make it correct immediately!

As always, we are available for questions and appointments at 405 789-6935.