Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why is it such a big deal to make your dental appointments?

It is not just to keep you coming back!  We schedule your dental appointments for treatment to make sure we have the correct amount of time allotted for you to be able to provide you the best care and our undivided attention. This is the same with your recall hygiene appointments this exact amount of time allows Kala and Dr. Guilford to provide all procedures needed during that appointment with the best care and thoroughness, keeping this exact schedule allows our office to stay on schedule and run on time cutting down your wait time in the waiting room!
The importance of maintaining your treatment appointments is to keep the decay at its smallest occurrence as possible to avoid more costly procedures in the future.  The same is held true for your hygiene appointments if you maintain your regular interval suggested by Kala you will have a better chance of keeping a healthy smile. Nearly 80% of all adults have some form of either periodontal disease or gingivitis, and completing your regular recall appointments helps to minimize your chances of occurrence.  Also keeping to your suggested recall interval helps to keep you cavity free and need less actual dental treatment!!

We value you, the patient, and want to help in all ways possible to give you the best care and chance of maintaining a healthy smile. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why the different brand of toothpaste?

Hi, this is Kala, your hygienist at Toothbrusher's Dental.  If you have recently visited the office you may have noticed we switched from Crest products to Colgate. 

An issue with Crest’s toothpaste recently came to light.  Most Crest toothpaste has tiny blue plastic beads.  Though it seemed natural to assume that they were for abrasive proposes, those beads don’t really serve a purpose - except to make the toothpaste have tiny blue specks.  The problem is the beads are so small, they can get caught in patient’s gums and have the potential to cause irritation. 

So far, Crest hasn't resolved the issue, so in the interest of our patients we found a company that didn't put the plastic beads in their toothpaste - Colgate.  Colgate is a wonderful, long-standing brand that has a multitude of options between brushes and toothpaste. 

Personally speaking, the new Colgate mouthwash is my favorite and the options for various toothpastes are great too!  They have both paste and gel toothpastes for everyone’s personal preference. 

Please feel free to ask Kala any of your questions about our switch at your next visit!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

If a root canal takes out the nerve, why does it hurt after?

This is one of those counterintuitive ones.  Yes, we do remove the nerve (pulp) of the tooth in order to do a root canal.  But that’s not the only thing that has to heal.  Usually the little ligaments (periodontal ligaments) that hold the tooth to the bone and gingiva are inflamed as well as the pulp of the tooth.  When a dentist performs a root canal, often times some of the sealer material or part of the instrument will journey past the end (apex) of the nerve chamber….we’re talking millimeters here folks, after all… and this can cause continued inflammation as well. 
Another common problem is the tooth is working too hard.  If the situation permits, I will always reduce the amount of force (occlusion) that the tooth is receiving from the opposing tooth, while it is healing.  While its not always a possibility, you should always try to rest the tooth as much as possible after a root canal.
So, it is true that sometimes, despite all your and our efforts, things just go wrong.  Roots can fracture and infections can persist even with the best oral care and antibiotic treatment.  If after a period of time, the tooth still feels pain it may be necessary to retreat or reevaluate by either your dentist or a root canal specialist, an endodontist.

Thanks for all your questions and keep them coming.  For appointment information or even general questions regarding your care, feel free to contact us at Toothbrusher’s Dental (405) 789-6935 or

Monday, March 31, 2014

What is Recaldent?

Recaldent is the name brand for a compound -   casein phosphopeptides - amorphous calcium phosphate or CP-ACP.  It is developed from casein, part of the protein found in cow's milk, its unique formula helps to strengthen teeth by delivering calcium and phosphate (the building blocks of tooth enamel) to the tooth to remineralize the enamel.   Recaldent can be found in Trident Xtra Care gum and has been proven effective in clinical studies to remineralize areas that are affected by plaque formation.  It is also found in a new product called MI Paste Plus.  We recently starting carrying this topical cream at Toothbrusher’s as adjunct to normal oral care.  MI Paste Plus is effective for people with tooth sensitivity and those who are prone to decay.  For more info you can visit or  Call us at Toothbrusher’s Dental 405 789-6935 to schedule an appointment and we can discuss your oral health and how these new products can help you.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Better Radiographs means Earlier Diagnosis!

We’re so excited to bring the latest in digital x rays to our patients.  The Schick 33 digital sensor has great resolution in a small sensor.  It’s like an HD picture on the screen.  Better resolution means we can diagnose more precisely and earlier than before and here’s the cool part – all of the benefits with less radiation than ever before!  Here’s the way that the Schick company puts it.  

“Gain an unprecedented level of resolution and control over digital images with the new Schick 33.  Featuring the industry’s highest image resolution…it will change the way you see your images  - and your practice.”  

Come in and see that difference for yourself at your next cleaning and checkup.  Contact us at 405 789-6935 to schedule a convenient appointment.