Monday, March 31, 2014

What is Recaldent?

Recaldent is the name brand for a compound -   casein phosphopeptides - amorphous calcium phosphate or CP-ACP.  It is developed from casein, part of the protein found in cow's milk, its unique formula helps to strengthen teeth by delivering calcium and phosphate (the building blocks of tooth enamel) to the tooth to remineralize the enamel.   Recaldent can be found in Trident Xtra Care gum and has been proven effective in clinical studies to remineralize areas that are affected by plaque formation.  It is also found in a new product called MI Paste Plus.  We recently starting carrying this topical cream at Toothbrusher’s as adjunct to normal oral care.  MI Paste Plus is effective for people with tooth sensitivity and those who are prone to decay.  For more info you can visit or  Call us at Toothbrusher’s Dental 405 789-6935 to schedule an appointment and we can discuss your oral health and how these new products can help you.

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