Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why is it such a big deal to make your dental appointments?

It is not just to keep you coming back!  We schedule your dental appointments for treatment to make sure we have the correct amount of time allotted for you to be able to provide you the best care and our undivided attention. This is the same with your recall hygiene appointments this exact amount of time allows Kala and Dr. Guilford to provide all procedures needed during that appointment with the best care and thoroughness, keeping this exact schedule allows our office to stay on schedule and run on time cutting down your wait time in the waiting room!
The importance of maintaining your treatment appointments is to keep the decay at its smallest occurrence as possible to avoid more costly procedures in the future.  The same is held true for your hygiene appointments if you maintain your regular interval suggested by Kala you will have a better chance of keeping a healthy smile. Nearly 80% of all adults have some form of either periodontal disease or gingivitis, and completing your regular recall appointments helps to minimize your chances of occurrence.  Also keeping to your suggested recall interval helps to keep you cavity free and need less actual dental treatment!!

We value you, the patient, and want to help in all ways possible to give you the best care and chance of maintaining a healthy smile. 

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