Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why the different brand of toothpaste?

Hi, this is Kala, your hygienist at Toothbrusher's Dental.  If you have recently visited the office you may have noticed we switched from Crest products to Colgate. 

An issue with Crest’s toothpaste recently came to light.  Most Crest toothpaste has tiny blue plastic beads.  Though it seemed natural to assume that they were for abrasive proposes, those beads don’t really serve a purpose - except to make the toothpaste have tiny blue specks.  The problem is the beads are so small, they can get caught in patient’s gums and have the potential to cause irritation. 

So far, Crest hasn't resolved the issue, so in the interest of our patients we found a company that didn't put the plastic beads in their toothpaste - Colgate.  Colgate is a wonderful, long-standing brand that has a multitude of options between brushes and toothpaste. 

Personally speaking, the new Colgate mouthwash is my favorite and the options for various toothpastes are great too!  They have both paste and gel toothpastes for everyone’s personal preference. 

Please feel free to ask Kala any of your questions about our switch at your next visit!

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