Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is Sleep Dentistry?

You may have heard this treatment described in many ways: anxiety-free dentistry, or relaxation dentistry, especially in states where conscious sedation dentistry is regulated. Also used are terms like moderate sedation, oral conscious sedation or even sleep dentistry, though this last should be applied only to general anesthesia . The best and most accurate name is sedation dentistry

These terms describe a way for you to get the care you want while you remain comfortable. Ask your dentist which level of sedation dentistry he or she is qualified to provide.

Dental fear is a hidden phobia, like many people, you may be embarrassed to admit your fears and even more afraid to confront them. Often times not even your loved ones are aware of your apprehension. Worse yet, you may have never known that sedation dentistry was an option. Not anymore! Sedation Dentistry is not scary and can be painfree dentistry. (from

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